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Anthony Keyvan Embracing and Representing His True Self

The handsome Anthony Keyvan has been in the entertainment industry since the age of five which has allowed him to truly embrace his performative side. No matter the experiences, stressful or not, the actor takes it all in as he continues to grow both as an actor and individual. His time on “Love, Victor,” was a dream and he is eager for the third season to come out. After all, the show also represented a platform in which everyone could feel authentically heard and seen. A little something we could use more of as we continue to push for change and evolve into a more accepting and kind industry/world. Anthony Keyvan has been climbing up and other is no doubt he will keep doing so as he fully steps into his power.

Why did you decide to become an actor? Was there a person or thing that gave you that last push? 

I kind of fell into the entertainment industry when I was five. Growing up I had always been a very performative kid and loved the arts and one day my parents took me to the LA auto because I’ve always loved cars, and I was scouted by someone advertising their acting school. I practically begged my parents the whole car ride home to put me in, and they did. A few months later I got a commercial and print agent and started with that. My mom has always been my #1 supporter and was always ready and available to me to help advance my career.

Growing up, what were some of your favorite shows/movies and why? 

Growing up my favorite movie was definitely Shrek 2 or the incredibles. Every Friday night in our house was “family movie night” and it was always either of those two movies my brother and I would choose.

Tell us more about your different projects and how each taught you a lesson. 

I’ve been in the industry pretty much my whole life and I’m grateful for every opportunity and project I’ve been a part of because of the experiences and lessons they’ve all taught me. For example, I did a film a few years ago which was a stressful and grueling experience, and I thought I had made a mistake by taking that job instead of continuing the series I was recurring on at the time. Looking back I’m so grateful I took that job because I met my best friend on that set, and I can’t imagine my life without her so I’m glad I did that film. Another example, I did a pilot a couple years ago that I thought if it had gone to series would have taken my career to the next level. It was canceled, and I was heartbroken, and I thought that was the most devastating thing. But I realize now that if that pilot had gone to series, I wouldn’t have been cast in “Love, Victor”, which has been the best experience of my career thus far. I’ve learned from my 16 years as an actor that everything happens for a reason, that when one door closes, another opens, and you never know what seeds you planted years ago will blossom and become something beautiful in the future.

Is there something you believe is still lacking in the industry? Explain. 

Although the industry is evolving and changing for the better day by day, I still feel like there’s is a lack of AAPI representation, and I’d love to see more of that in the near future. Another thing that is lacking is the fair treatment, respect, and equal pay of our crew members who work tirelessly, sometimes 18 hour days, to make the projects we love. That is why I fully stand with IATSE and what they’re fighting for.

How did you enjoy working on “Love, Victor”?  What did you discover about yourself on set?

I absolutely loved working on “Love, Victor” and I can’t wait to go back for season three. Everyone on that set, cast and crew, are amazing and so great to work with. I’ve never worked on a set with such lovely people. I think one of the things I discovered about myself is the confidence and bravery I needed to properly portray my character, Rahim. That was something that I lacked, and “Love, Victor” gave me that.

What do you believe the show was able to bring to its audience other than entertainment?  

I believe the show was able to bring to its audience other than entertainment a space where they can feel authentically represented, seen, and heard. I know that for me at least, I’ve gotten hundreds if not thousands of messages of people of middle eastern descent or Muslim backgrounds who for the first time felt represented on screen, which is such an honor and an incredible thing to be apart of.

Tell us about one of your passions. Why is it so special?

One new passion of mine is writing. It’s something I started during the pandemic, and I was unable to utilize my regular method of creative expression, so I turned to writing as a way to supplement that. And it turned into something I really love and want to pursue in the future.

What was your family dynamic like? Any particular story that stands out? 

I had a pretty normal suburban family upbringing. It was the four of us, my mom, dad, me, and my younger brother, Jared. One memory that stands out, are the countless auditions we would drive to LA for, from Orange County. Because my mom took a step back from work to be able to do this for me, the three of us would be in the car for hours while my dad worked. That’s a time I’ll never forget, because of the memories we made in the car, and it reminds me of the sacrifices my entire family made to get me where I am today.

If you could trade places with someone for the week (dead or alive), who would you pick and why?

If I could trade places with anyone for a week it would be probably be someone who is blind or seriously visually impaired. I know it sounds weird but I think I’d want to know how they go about life, how they shop, eat, how they feel about life in general. Plus if we traded places, they’d get the opportunity to experience sight, and see how beautiful and colorful the world they live in is.

What kind of show/movie do you hope to tackle next?

My goal is to do something more serious next. Hopefully a limited series or a feature.



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