So, how did the MIRACLE BRUSH®️ originate?
Leyla created the Miracle Brush®️out of sheer necessity, “for myself.”  Born with an incredibly sensitive scalp she recognized that she was in need of a specific brush. You see, most brushes on the market not only did not do a great job of actually detangling through her hair & getting the knots out but worst of all, would scratch her scalp & cause her hair to break & pull out.
“I’m also a busy Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife & Influencer who’s constantly running around & my hair is my signature so, for me, it became essential to create my own “perfect brush.” “
The MIRACLE BRUSH features an ergonomically-designed, curved handle that fits perfectly in your hands & a soft-touch finish throughout so it never slips out of your hands while using.  The magic though is really in the design of the bristles. Leyla wanted a dual bristle brush that combined boar & nylon bristles to gently detangle, smooth & volumize my hair.
The boar bristles smooth & distribute natural scalp oil (the best oil since it comes from our own body) throughout the hair for a healthy sheen. Nylon bristles feature microsphere tips to gently detangle through the thickest hair without causing excess pulling, breakage or scratching on the scalp.  This is key because a lot of brushes especially the famous and very expensive Mason Pearson brush has incredibly sharp nylon bristles that scratch & damage the scalp & our delicate skin! The microsphere tips prevent this but also encourage blood flow to the scalp which helps promote healthy hair growth.
The rubber pad is also anti-static!
The MIRACLE BRUSH is effective on ALL hair types, textures, both women and men and even kids. “I’ve even seen people use it on their pets! ☺️ In fact, shortly after I launched my brushes, so many Moms wrote to me that this has truly been the miracle they needed for their kids’ hair. No more tears, no more running away from the “scary brush.”  Brushing has become almost a bonding experience for them now. “
This is definitely a MIRACLE brush! Check it out on the website HERE.