After this lockdown, we will all need to breathe and relax… Tulum is the perfect destination for that! 

Habitas Tulum is a sustainable sanctuary nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Central to the communal nature of the home, their agora in the jungle and their three-story lounge serve as the centerpieces where unique experiences, gatherings, dining, and musical journeys take place. At the base is Moro, their restaurant helmed by Chef Horacio Dardano.

Designed to coexist with nature, their rooms are built with materials that leave no impact on the environment. With natural palapa roofs, canvas walls, outdoor rain showers, and at least 500 square feet of private space, each room provides the perfect environment for rest and reflection.

Their wellness program combines ancient traditions with modern techniques to nourish body, mind and soul. Head to their spa for locally inspired massages and treatments. Enjoy daily yoga, mayan clay and cacao ceremonies from the comfort of our mezzanine deck.

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: Website