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From Jürgen Krauss, called “possibly the best-loved contestant in Great British Baking Show history,” comes a celebration of German home baking. Make classic German pastries, from apple strudel and stolen to show stopping celebration desserts such as Black Forest cake and “Blushing Maid.” It’s sehr gut!

The German Baking Book is a celebration of German home baking from Jurgen Krauss, who won the hearts of viewers and three Star Baker honors from the judges of The Great British Baking Show. A self-taught baker, Jürgen has drawn on the flavors, techniques, and memories from his childhood, his European travels, and his wife’s Jewish heritage, to create a collection of authentic German baking recipes from his home to yours.

Jürgen’s gentle charm can be felt with each delightful recipe. From German classics such as Black Forest gateau, and coffee cake, to festive bakes including lebkuchen and gingerbread, each of Jürgen’s delicious recipes are crafted with care and simplicity.

The German Baking Book is a must-have for fans of The Great British Baking Show and home bakers with a love for classic and festive German baking.

Discover the Delights of German Baking with Jürgen Krauss: A Treat for Great British Baking Show Fans

Jürgen Krauss, Fan Favorite and Three-Time Star Baker, Shares Authentic German Recipes

If you’ve fallen in love with Jürgen Krauss’s baking prowess on The Great British Baking Show, you’re in for a delightful treat. The fan-favorite contestant, who clinched three Star Baker honors from the discerning judges, is now inviting you into the world of Authentic German Recipes.

Elevate Your Culinary Skills: Fresh Baked Strudels, Cookies, and German Breads

Expand your culinary horizons and infuse your home with the inviting aroma of freshly baked strudels, cookies, and authentic German breads. Jürgen Krauss’s expertise, showcased on The Great British Baking Show, translates into delicious results every time you step into your kitchen.

Bake Like a Pro: Master the Skills and Recipes that Charmed the Judges

Unlock the secrets that helped Jürgen Krauss conquer the challenges of The Great British Baking Show. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice in the kitchen, these tried-and-true skills and recipes ensure that every creation is a masterpiece.

Treats for Every Occasion: From Coffee Cakes to Holiday Showstoppers

Bring the flavors of Germany to your table with a range of treats suitable for every occasion. From simple yet delectable coffee cakes to elaborate holiday showstoppers and hearty breads, explore the diverse world of authentic German sweets, breads, and snacks that are sure to make every gathering delicious.

Vibrant Visuals for Culinary Inspiration

The German Baking Book, curated by Jürgen Krauss, features stunning full-color photography that not only inspires but also ensures your baking endeavors are a visual success. Every recipe comes to life through vibrant visuals, guiding you every step of the way.

The Perfect Gift for Great British Baking Show Fans

If you’re a fan of The Great British Baking Show, Jürgen Krauss’s charming recipes are a must-try. The German Baking Book is not just a cookbook; it’s a culinary journey guided by the warmth and expertise of a beloved baking icon. Treat yourself or surprise a fellow baking enthusiast—this book is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Happy baking!

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