Famous live streamer SNOW SOS has revealed plans to move to America to pursue their dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry.

Romanian Canadian-born content creator SNOW SOS has witnessed a meteoric rise across YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Kick thanks to creating online videos and cosplay from video games to anime characters.

Despite being dyslexic and battling body dysmorphia, SNOW has garnered over 25 million views across their social media accounts.” I want to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube and get that Gold Play Button, as that’s always been a dream of mine,” he said.

“I also want my character to be featured in a game; that would be awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time designing and iterating on it, and it would be cool to see her be a part of something.”

But SNOW commented: “The opportunities in the entertainment industry in the US are unmatched. All the biggest creators are in the US, and everyone is moving there.

Where do I see myself in a decade? Living in America, reaching a bigger audience, and working on larger-scale exciting projects together. I want to push the envelope of what’s possible.”

The fitness enthusiast added: “Despite being known for my improvisational skill and comedy, I’m highly regarded for my skills in first-person shooters, notably the Halo series, where I reached the highest rank multiple times. I’m also a Vtuber: a virtual Tuber.”

SNOW is a streamer who live streams content to people worldwide. They’ve done everything from playing games and hanging out to participating in tournaments, traveling, and hosting special events with the viewers.

“It’s up to us to create new and interesting experiences for viewers. I often have people stop by my live streams as it allows them to interact with me rather than



watch me. So it’s a different experience than just watching a video – there’s live feedback and interaction.”

SNOW said the main objective was to make entertaining content for people to enjoy. “One thing I’ve discovered is how many people you can inspire. I’ve had many tell me that my videos or livestreams have helped them through some tough times or inspired them to start making their own content or changes in their lives.”

“You never really think that making videos on YouTube could positively affect someone. People have told me my sobriety pushed them to quit drinking and make healthier choices.”

Their character has gone through many iterations, “it was something for people to recognize me in Virtual Reality, and I kept adding my personality and tweaks to it. It evolved into this mascot for my brand. I always thought the idea of an anime girl with a man’s voice trash-talking to be funny; it catches some people by surprise, but something about it works.”

SNOW, who draws on various inspirations, including horror movies, admits that they love art in all its forms but curiously admires Arnold Schwarzenegger.
“He was my childhood hero. I come from an Eastern European family, so hearing the story of an Austrian who came from nothing, made it to Hollywood, and became one of the biggest superstars ever was inspiring.”

SNOW said: “I grew up with a single mother in a crowded apartment building; the odds weren’t exactly stacked in my favor, so hearing that gave me hope. The impact doesn’t stop there. Growing up, I got into fitness and working out, and Arnold once again motivated me to push myself.”

Passionate about traditional and digital art, SNOW said: “What separates me from most other influencers is that I make content in both the virtual and real world. There are very few that bridge that gap and can successfully do both. I’m unique in that.”

Reflecting on the rise of social media in everyone’s lives, SNOW added: “Social media can have bad and good sides; putting yourself out there means opening yourself up to people potentially hating you.“

“If you want to be a creator and reach millions of people, this is the reality of it. It’s impossible to please everyone; there will always be someone who dislikes you or your actions. I’ve learned not to care; many supportive, nice comments drown out negative remarks, so focusing on those is better.”

For those starting out in the same space, SNOW advised: “Enjoy what you’re doing. People will try to tear you down, but don’t let them stop you from achieving your dreams. I was told for years that I’d never become a Youtuber. I’ve been laughed at and mocked, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I know what it’s like when no one believes in you. Use that as motivation and prove everyone wrong.”

By Interview by Léa Carlsen

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