Are you tired of cleaning up the same mess only to have your house smell of toxic chemicals like bleach and glass cleaner? Well, SQUEAK is a new product that can prevent exactly that. With all natural ingredients the safe and environmentally friendly cleaner will have your house looking spotless and, smelling like a freshly trimmed garden in no time.

The best part about SQUEAK is that there is a product for every type of mess. All those wine stains and dirt spots on your coffee table can be easily fixed with just a quick polish from Too Legit Grit, a safe baking soda scrub that will remove all the unwanted marks and spots. Windex can leave your house smelling like a chemical filled storage room, instead, use In the CLEAR Cleaner. The organic vinegar based cleaner comes in two scents, lemongrass + geranium and lemon, cedarwood + rosemary. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like a redwood forest. For everything else ALL PERP OG will handle it. The citrus and eucalyptus mix will make you never want go back to those nasty chemical filled cleaners.

Jayna, a mother of three, started the environmentally friendly company, and who knows better than a mother of three? Jayna started the company because she recognized how terrible all the toxins were in household cleaning products. I think we can all agree that none of us want our children to be exposed to dangerous chemicals in general, let alone our own houses. So get your SQUEAK product today and have your house looking squeakyyy clean!

By Max Sato

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