Trained as an esthetician under a leading dermatologist, Shani brings to you products that are here to help you achieve your best skin! Having developed a passion for creating products she could not find, her Retinol Reform® serum quickly built a huge celebrity following. Today, Shani is sharing her proven formulas and trusted expertise so people everywhere can achieve their best skin. In June 2019, Shani opened her first flagship studio in Beverly Hills where she treats clients, develops high-performance formulas, and shares her expertise with her followers on social media.

When visiting Shani Darden’s website, you can find a variety of products from moisturizers, serums, devices, and more. They also have tips on how to keep your skin healthy as well as virtual consultations! No matter where you are, you can get an answer to any question about your skin and order the perfect product for you.

One of our favorites here at BELLO is the Facial Sculpting Wand. The first-of-its-kind, this wand brings those age-defying benefits home, harnessing high-performance sound wave technology that targets wrinkles on a deeper level—2.4 inches below skin’s surface—while boosting circulation and optimizing skin’s oxygen uptake. If you are looking to get firmer, tighter, and smoother skin…this is what you need!

“My signature facials always include a 10-minute local vibration treatment: gentle waves penetrate into the skin and stimulate the facial muscles for a firmer, more contoured effect.”

It comes with everything you need to achieve visible results in relaxing 10-minute sessions: Facial Sculpting Wand, Disc Attachment, Precision Ball Attachment, Hydra Prep Gel, power plug, USB-C charging cable, and detailed instructions. It’s self-care made state of the art. Easy, practical, and gives you results!

Make your way to their website and take care of your skin! You only get one after all…