I don’t know about all of you but taking care of my hair is definitely a priority in my weekly routines. Keeping your hair hydrated is crucial and when you find the perfect product to do so…Oh happy day! There are many brands out there that provide exactly what your hair needs and one that stands out is Rosé Rescue.
The Rose Rescue by Scotty Cunha has a branded scent profile of Rose Damask Oil. Scotty wanted something that felt natural and rejuvenating when using, in addition, the essential oil also acts as a great nutrient that enhances hair hydration. The scent was meticulously created to give our customers a soothing experience, the scent feels spa-like.
The conditioning mask is made with silk protein extract. This makes the formula have moisture-binding properties that make the hair strands have a soft glide and silkiness to them. The fibers of the protein also improve elasticity, resiliency and restore balance from the root of the hair to the ends. It also can be doubled as a leave-in conditioner/styler. Scotty supplements hair spray for his Rose Rescue mask because it actually holds a curl all while conditioning the hair!

Get that natural, hydrated, and styled look with Rosé Rescue!