“Ray-Ban’s new product category, EVERGLASSES is a lifestyle accessory for everyday use.”

It’s safe to say that Ray-Ban has always had our back when providing sunglasses to protect us from the harms of the sun. After all, our eyes are quite delicate and deserve the most of our love and attention. Now, the brand is here to offer you protection against the harms of technology too! Most of us spend a crazy amount of time on our laptops, tablets, phones whether it be for work or leisure. This strains our eyes a lot more than we think so why not protect ourselves while staying in style?

EVERGLASSES encompasses three Ray-Ban lenses: Blue Light Filter, Evolve Photochromic Lenses, and Clear Lenses. Evolve Photochromic Lenses are light-sensitive, automatically adapting to shifting light conditions.They have UV400 protection which means you never truly have to take them off. They bring you comfort, protection, and fashion all in one!

Both Evolve and Clear Lenses are also available with a Blue Light Filter, designed to reduce visual discomfort induced by blue light, they are perfect for those of you who are constantly in front of your screens.

Ray-Ban has also come out with their wayfarers in new colorways. Here at Bello, we picked out a few of our favorites.

Whether it be to find a gift for yourself or a loved ones, take a look at their new collection and enjoy! Stay safe!