Lauren Steinberg, founder of QUEEN V spoke to us about her “re-vulva-lution” and what prompted her to start her company/movement/podcast.

1.Tell us more about yourself and what prompted you to begin the “re-vulva-lution.”

My name is Lauren Steinberg and I am the founder of Queen V. Queen V is a female-run and female-focused feminine wellness company specifically focused right now on vaginal health. Queen V takes a really easy and fun approach to a topic that can be super confusing and embarrassing… trust me, I have been there. 

I have been around vaginas my entire life, not only because I am female but because my dad is a gynecologist. As I grew older I began to develop infections “down there,” what I refer to as my Queen V. It was scary and painful and also really embarrassing. I didn’t know why I was getting these infections. I went to my gynecologist and I did a ton of research and learned just how complex a vagina is. I learned about pH levels and studied and researched the ingredients that are in most feminine wellness products and discovered why I was getting these infections. I also spoke to my friends about the problems I was having and realized that I wasn’t alone.

3 in every 4 women will get a yeast infection at least once in their life and 25% of infections that women get are UTIs. This was astounding to me. I began looking for products that had better for me ingredients, products that were easy to use, affordable and effective and I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs. I was determined to change this not only because I realized that women shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their vaginas but also because I know that when I feel good inside, I feel like I can take on the world. And I knew that if I wasn’t feeling good on the inside, other women probably weren’t as well. I wanted to change that. I became frustrated and decided to take matters into my own hands. This is when Queen V really began. 

2.Why did you decide to create your podcast channel in which women from all over come to interact?

Content is super important to me. Through content, my team and I are able to educate our consumers and people in general on different topics including self-care and self-love. It is also a great way for us to have conversations with our consumers. We launched our podcast in hopes of inspiring women everywhere to take risks and push boundaries. It is such an honor and has been such a fun experience getting to interview amazing people who inspire me and have the most incredible stories. 

3.Could you share with us one podcast episode that left a strong impact on you?

I have enjoyed everyone that I have had on my podcast and everyone has left such a unique impact on my life and the way I view business. My favorite episode so far has really been my own episode because I got a chance to relive my journey starting and now running Queen V. It was like therapy for me! As women, I think we sometimes have a hard time recognizing and celebrating what we have accomplished, and after recording that particular episode I was really proud of myself. 

4.What would you say is one of the biggest challenges women face today after all that has happened in the last decade?

One of the biggest challenges I see women face today revolves around women rising to the top in industries that they work in. Women need to continue to support other women. It is difficult being a female in a typically male-dominated industry and I hope that one day multiple women are at the top of all industries. I have seen women rise in the workplace by having mentors who will fight for them along the way and mentors who are able to provide advice. The more women at the top, the better (and there is room for us all!)

5.Do you feel that there has been a significant change for women?

For me, as a female founder, it is empowering to see so many other women sharing their personal stories. Women now more than ever feel empowered and we need to harness that power and share it with the world. 

6.Tell us more about your products. What makes them stand out compared to others?

Our products are made for women by women and take a really unique approach to vaginal health. We have created an easy to follow three-step process that helps women maintain, heal and enjoy their v. Maintaining your v is all about keeping your vagina clean and healthy by using products that are pH-balanced. Healing your v addresses infections and problems that can arise like yeast infections and UTI’s. Enjoying your v aims to help women love and embrace their vaginas.  Each of our products fit into one of these color-coded categories. Maintain products are blue, heal products are green and enjoy products are pink.

In addition to creating better-for-you products, Queen V aims to empower women to take control of what they are putting into and on their bodies. It is so important to take the time to read what ingredients are in a product and to understand the why behind them. Through our social media channels, we make it a priority to make learning about your body as fun and engaging as possible. Queen V has cultivated a community of empowered women and we aim to destigmatize the word vagina. Because all of our products are available at Walmart and are price comparable with every other product on the shelf, every woman has access to these products. Our products have loud and bright packaging because they are not meant to hide on a shelf, but rather to stand out! Women should not be embarrassed to buy vaginal products. Queen V really is a high-end brand at an affordable price!

7.If you hand a magic wand and could wish for you anything, right now: what would you wish for?

I definitely wish that there was less hatred and violence in the world. I would LOVE to see a female president who could help make the world a more supportive and accepting place. 

8.Could you please elaborate on your mission to educate that vagina is not a dirty word ?

It is so crazy to me that there are so many nicknames for a vagina/vulva that are so ridiculous. People would rather say the word muff or kitty or flower than say the word vagina. Many women are told that their vagina is a “private part” and they are conditioned not to talk openly or speak about this body part ever. Vagina is not a dirty word or a bad word. It is not okay to shame women for talking about a body part, especially one that is so special and that requires so much education behind it. When people feel ashamed about something as important as a vagina/vulva, they are afraid to talk about it. It is okay to see a gynecologist! It is okay to discuss vaginal issues or self-love related topics! And, it is okay to say the word Vagina! 

9.How do you think the future will look for women ?

I see people being able to talk openly and freely about their bodies without being shamed. Male-dominated industries will also be dominated by females. Education will be made a priority, especially education surrounding women and men’s health. Women will continue to make affordable and accessible products for women while also supporting one another.

By Alexandra Bonnet

Photo Credit: @quennvlife