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Lead Track “Ani Kuni” Reaches Top 40 French Airplay
Today, Parisian duo Polo & Pan have released their second full length album Cyclorama, featuring 14 tracks fitting for summer. The timeless band fine tunes their sound on Cyclorama, vibrantly exploring themes like transcendence, life, and death with a matured combination of dance, techno, disco, and psychedelia. The album’s lead single that arrived earlier this year, “Ani Kuni,” is growing rapidly, crossing top 40 at French airplay and already at over 5 million streams in less than two months. The album also features three songs from the band’s 2020 EP Feel Good, as well as the three recent tracks they have released in 2021: “Ani Kuni,” “Tunnel feat. Channel Tres,” and “Les jolies choses.” Polo & Pan have been praised by the likes of E! News, Consequence of Sound, Dancing Astronaut, and more. With tickets to their US tour going on sale just two weeks ago, they quickly sold out shows in both New York City and Los Angeles.
Listen to Cyclorama HERE.
“After a four year long cruise around the world onboard the ‘Caravelle,’ the time was ripe for us to come back to the studio. We spent many a sleepless night gazing at our instruments and thinking about what our second album should sound like. We are finally ready to unveil ‘CYCLORAMA,” said Polo & Pan. “This new musical voyage will take you on a journey through life, from birth to death and on to transcendence. We invite all of you to find your own itinerary through this shared musical odyssey. Set your compass as you wish and get ready to go full circle with ‘CYCLORAMA!’”
Cyclorama is Polo & Pan fully realized: hedonism matured, sounds fine-tuned, scope widened. Highlights like “Feel Good” and the ELO-inspired “Magic” bring vibrant, summery joy into an emerging world, while Polo & Pan also take moments to explore different introspective and darker, deeper tones. “Requiem,” “Jiminy,” and “Tunnel” — the latter of which is a collaboration with Compton rapper Channel Tres — take the band’s slick tempos into a new realm of urban allure and mystique, while paying homage to their classic French sound.
The duo, who have amassed nearly half a billion global streams, have released just one album prior: 2017’s Caravelle, which was called a “voyage across blissful destinations… that invites surprise and enchantment” by the New Yorker. It led to Paul Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Pan) being able to perform their music around the world to sold-out crowds at notable venues like LA’s Novo, London’s Printworks, NY’s Terminal 5, and Montreal’s MTELUS. They’ve also played numerous festival stages such as 2019’s Coachella where Billboard called their performance “without a doubt one of the best performances.”
Cyclorama Track List:
1. Côme
2. Ani Kuni
3. Magic
5. Tunnel feat. Channel Tres
6. Requiem
7. Feel Good
8. Melody
9. Oasis
10. Artemis
11. Jiminy
12. Bilboquet (Sirba)
13. Les jolies choses
14. Peter Pan feat. Antonin
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