So, like many of you, I’ve known about the Younique brand for a few years. There are several products of theirs that I have tried and have enjoyed using. One of my favorite products is Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation. While I tend to use a lot of eye makeup and like to experiment with eyeshadow and eyeliner, applying foundation is often an afterthought. I really like using Younique’s foundation because it feels weightless, but it also has good coverage. I also like that for what feels like a higher end foundation, it’s reasonably priced. It also matches my pale skin tone, and seemed to wear well through the day. Let’s review some key points about Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation.


This foundation is easy to apply and is buildable, so you can layer it to get the coverage you want to even out your skin tone . It also pairs well with a primer. It can be applied using a sponge or brush, but I prefer the sponge. It really depends on your personal preference. I have a bit of an uneven skin tone, and this foundation covered it with just one application and building coverage on the darker areas. Even with adding more product to certain areas, it didn’t feel heavy or cakey.


Younique’s foundation is available in a variety of shades, and there is a great online guide that helps select the right shade for you. I liked the before and after options in the shade selector that shows the coverage. The shades range from very fair, with yellow or pink undertones, to deep skin tones as well. I like that this foundation will work for anyone, regardless of their skin tone.


I like to apply my makeup in the morning with very few touch-ups throughout my day. I’m happy to report that this foundation wears well! It is also a terrific product for people who do not touch-up their makeup throughout the day. For the readers who like to touch-up before heading out for the evening, you’ll be happy to know that Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation can be touched up without making you look cakey. This versatility makes this foundation suitable for people looking for a full coverage or light foundation. Even those who rarely use foundation might want to keep this on hand as it is easy to apply.

On their website, Younique has an Online Beauty Guide allowing you to virtually try on all their products, and a guide that discusses how to use the foundation, match your skin tone, and ingredients. The guide also shows what other Younique products pair well with this foundation for those who want to use a concealer, primer, or setting spray. Plus, I love the color names, who wouldn’t want to wear foundation with names like Organza, Cashmere, or Charmeuse?


Compared to similar products, the TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation is a good value for the money.  This foundation is worth the additional money spent in comparison to drugstore makeup.


One thing I haven’t mentioned is how convenient it is to buy Younique’s TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation. This foundation can be purchased online or through a local representative who might even have the product on hand. All in all, I would highly recommend this foundation. If you haven’t already started using Younique, give it a try – you won’t regret it.