For dream lovers…

Summer is coming up and you know want to take a break for the weekend. This hotel in the Hamptons located 2 hours from New-York is the place to be!

Nestled within rolling sand dunes overlooking the Atlantic in Montauk, it is the most famous resort in the Hamptons. The hotel is described as “barefoot luxury” …

“We wanted to emphasize the center of the show, Montauk, in its natural state, so we brought dunes back through the property then paired them with materials and color inspired by the landscape,”Atit Jariwala, founder and CEO of Bridgeton.

Marram’s rooms feature essential materials and a pared-down palette dreamt up to let you relax, unwind, and focus on life’s simple pleasures. Designed for sleep-ins, luxurious mornings, late afternoon breaks, and taking moments for yourself before engaging in the next activity, you will be immersed in full relaxation. Each screen-free room is thoughtfully equipped with just what you need for your stay.

Are you tired of eating food prepared in five minutes?? All the more reason to come! Chef Fernando Trocca & restauranteur Martin Pittaluga, mostrador marram offers abundant counter service featuring savory meats, local seafood, local vegetables, and freshly baked goods that you can’t deny.

Marram offers many ways to connect and engage in few activities. Guests are encouraged to be present and focused on what truly matters. Center yourself with a yoga class, group meditation on the beach, an in-room massage, time in a salt cave… Whatever you want!

Bello Mag is waiting for you there!

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: website