Saying “I do” during these challenging times can be overwhelming for many engaged couples. A wedding should be a magical event between two people bound by love, ready to walk the path to forever. Due to the pandemic, couples are postponing their big days to avoid harming their loved ones’ well-being.  Many brave couples are scaling down their plans and opting for a smaller and more intimate wedding, as it is the safer option in light of our current situation. Here are some reasons why an intimate wedding could be the new normal of weddings.

Celebrate a new chapter of your lives with the people that matter most

Having a small wedding can save you from the unwanted stress of creating a long guest list. Curating your list can be a daunting and time-consuming task, and more often than not, engaged couples tend to feel pressured while narrowing down their guests. With an intimate wedding, you can relax and say your vows surrounded by people who earnestly care for you. It will be a celebration of love rather than a lavish production.

Your guests can be active participants instead of mere spectators, and they can even help you during the whole process. Your wedding photographer can also capture real and unchoreographed moments. With a limited number of guests, the risk of exposure will be less, and you can have everyone tested for added protection.

More personalized and simpler logistics

An intimate wedding gives you more venue options, and you can choose non-conventional and meaningful locations such as museums, libraries, forests, bookstores, parks, art galleries, backyards, zoos, flower fields, boat or yacht, or a historic theatre. The possibilities are endless since you do not need ample space to accommodate a large number of people. Even if you have a handful of guests, remember to check the current health guidelines and comply with the necessary protocols for your peace of mind and everyone’s safety.

You can also customize your wedding based on your preferences and make it your own. You have the option to change the event format and can forego some traditions that are not suitable to your liking. There will be more flexibility and fewer restrictions, and you can prioritize customs that reflect you as a couple. It will be more sustainable and eco-friendly since there will be less waste.

Save money and splurge on other aspects

One obvious benefit of a small wedding is the money that you will save money. With intimate weddings, you can allocate the funds to other aspects and splurge on what matters. You can highlight the wedding details vital to you. Whether it is the wedding dress, wedding rings, bridal bouquet, caterer, styling and decor, wedding makeup, photographer, or the wedding cake, the decision is yours to make. You can also use the money for your honeymoon or put it in your savings.

This outbreak taught us to cherish the moments with the people we love. It forced us to go back to basics and taught us the value of connections and relationships. An intimate wedding shows us that less can be more, and that love can make everything possible.

Photo credit: Image by Vu Toan from Pixabay