A wireless flat iron for those flawless looks on the go! 

Freedom Styling Iron $250

GIMME BEAUTY is here to help you avoid bad hair days altogether! It is the one-stop-shop for hair solutions created by experts, backed by a passionate community of women who share your love of hair. They offer products for all types of hair making it an all-inclusive brand and we love it!


Wear those bike shorts in style and go about your day feeling your very best!

Micro Scrunch Classic Bike Short $82

Keep it comfy, keep it classy. Montce offers a huge swimwear line as well as apparel and accessories. Whether you are planning a trip somewhere exotic or just to your backyard pool, take a look at the vibrant pieces they offer!


No blackheads. No whiteheads. Oh and no clogging of the pores…more, please!

Pure Cleansing Oil $29

Manyo is unique due to the fact that they are constantly experimenting with new ingredients to find the next best out there! Keeping their products healthy for you, animals, and the planet, they are mindful of others.You can shop by category or skin concern; they are here to HELP YOU the best way they can!Oh, and they are vegan…

Accessorized jeans like no other that’ll make you feel 10 feet tall and fabulous!


Hellessy focuses on timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again, with an inherent sense of laid back glamour. Recognized by international fashion and lifestyle publications, it has also been seen on many celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Priyanka Chopra, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart and Rihanna… Be a star and check it out!


Get the over-sized look with these stylish matte black sunglasses!


Time to get your shades on and who better than Johann Wolff? The different sunglasses, available for everyone, are the perfect extra little something you need to spice up your look! You can even get some custom tints and be your own designer!


Hydrate your hair, shine your hair, and never weigh it down…

Lightweight leave-in conditioner Shine Cream $27

All the hair products you need to control your frizz, fix the color, and much more. We can’t always make it to the salon so they are bringing it home to you! No more worrying about your hair and make your way to Curlsmith where you will be in hair product heaven!


Get the Parisian look that balances elegance, comfort, and chicness… oulalala!

Leonie Striped Cardigan $147.43

Musier Paris, on adore. Elegant clothing for any occasion, you can dress your look up or down! From pant suits to dresses, the brand allows all of you to express yourself in your most authentic way! Oulala!


It’s time to let your skin glow with this gentle exfoliator! 

Aqua Gel Exfoliator  $39

Skincare products that will give you the best exfoliation possible and tend to any need of yours in the skincare department! Their fan-favorite Japanese skincare products are water-based, and contain minimal (but powerful) ingredients. Gentle formulations that are perfectly suited for all skin types, without irritating fragrances… Yes, please!


Vivienne Hu is stepping it up in the world of shoes and fashion with these studded leather-straps ankle boots!


Vivienne Hu brings luxury to her pieces as well as everyday wear. Shoes and clothing, there is something for everyone who isn’t afraid to be fierce, to be bold, to be unique! We are obsessed with what this brand has to offer and its back story… take a look for yourself!

A moisture mask that will hydrate all types of hair and we love it! 


TO112 (to-one-one-two) is an honest, conscious lifestyle brand designed for the greater good. Embracing a holistic approach to beauty, our unique range of products nurtures hair, body, and surrounding space. Their beauty formulations are free of harmful ingredients sodium lauryl sulphate, diethanolamine, and parabens. When possible, they use environmentally-friendly packaging and vowed to never test on animals.


Two luxurious textures in a lightweight, absorbent and plush Robe, this is the one you want to get!

Dash Turkish Towel Robe $109.99

Olive Linen is a home textile company founded by a mother of four who was tired of doing endless loads of laundry filled with bulky towels that took up way too much space and were a real pain to lug around for beach trips. From bathrobes to towels, take a trip to Turkey without having to get on a plane!

The FDA cleared it! An at-home laser that stimulates collagen and tightens your eyes in just 2 minutes a day… and visible results in 90 days!

NIRA Skincare Laser $399

Laser skincare was developed by Industry Experts. Their mission is to help people everywhere look & feel their best by providing the same laser technology as dermatologists in the comfort of home, and at a fraction of the cost. Get the luxury skincare you need right in the comfort of your own home!