Calling all CBD fans! As many of us know, CBD products are not only consumed but can also be found in different products–especially skincare ones. KUL CBD has just launched its new line of skincare from beauty to wellness products. Their day and night cream includes topical probiotics and retinol, a sulfate-free all-in-one exfoliating cleanser and a hydrating rose extract and milk thistle serum. Oh, how wonderful that sounds! Your skin is ready for the most soothing experience there is. Their products help you on the outside but are also here to heal the inside.

Got stiff muscles and joints? Or just want to bring your body to a total state of comfort and peace? KUL CBD’s wellness products include a muscle & joint body cream, combining menthol, red chili, arnica, and essential oils, as well as tinctures in five different flavors containing the perfect blend of 800 mg of full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol. These are some of the best ingredients to be combined!

Whether it is on the outside or within, our body deserves the best care so stop what you are doing and get your KUL CBD products today to give your body what it deserves! Relaxed body = relaxed mind and in this crazy world today we could all use some sort of release! We suggest you get yourself a kit which includes a variety of products to get you started!

As if they weren’t amazing enough, these products are sulfate free, cruelty free, and 100% purified…so you can enjoy them guilt-free! Both the skincare and wellness products are available across the US through specialist spas and online.


KUL CBD represents the next generation of skincare, natural health and beauty by combining the highest quality ingredients with the most advanced technology. Their unique formulas have created the most innovative luxury CBD health and beauty line in the market. Unlike other skincare brands, KUL CBD is classified as a cosmeceutical line because of its power-packed active ingredients. Using minimal ingredients, with higher doses, the products give you the same results with less product and skincare steps required, saving time and money! The whole product line contains full spectrum CBD (hemp extract) with probiotics along with potent antioxidants, vitamins, micro-algae, exfoliants and nourishing oils that provide instant results. This is the first CBD skincare brand to use a combination of CBD and probiotics topically – making it a super unique and newsworthy product on the market at the moment.