Burberry is one of the most iconic names in fashion, with the classic Burberry pattern familiar to even those with zero interest in the latest styles. One of the most famous pieces Burberry makes is the Burberry Scarf, a garment that is made from cashmere and comes in various colors. However, combining this respected piece with your clothes is not always easy. 

That’s where we can help, giving you the best combinations to wear with your Burberry Scarf. Whether you want sharp and casual or slick and formal, we’ve got you covered. Since the Burberry Scarf made its debut in 2008, we have been matching it with styles to find the best fashion choices for this popular accessory. 

Feeling Blue

Something of a bold choice to start, especially if you don’t get the tones exactly right. Match your camel Burberry Scarf with dark blue jeans, a long blue coat, and even throw in a blue bag. Too blue? Of course, you’re going to have to break it up with camel colored boots and a mustard sweater or button down shirt. 

Check on Burberry

Teaming check patterns directly with a camel/mustard Burberry Scarf could be a match made in hell, but if you choose right, it can become heavenly. We recommend a large square dark with white patch check coat with your scarf blooming in the middle. Add some black skinny jeans, black boots, and a dark bag. Complete the chic look with a dark brown hat. 

Denim on Denim

You’re going to have to be careful with any denim on denim look because it can either look clean and contemporary or out of sync. We like a grey Burberry Scarf with light blue three-quarter jeans, if you get them with roll up legs, even better! Add a denim jacket that’s slightly off color to the jeans and a pair of dark brown ankle boots to finish a look that works in many casual situations. 

Playful and Relaxed

While you associate a Burberry Scarf with covered winter fashion, it is an accessory that works wonderfully during spring and the fall too. We love the look of combining a tan Burberry Scarf with a bright red thigh-length girly dress, black tights, and black high heel shoes. A wonderful combination of style that give off a breezy finish. 

Rocking the Spring

Another excellent spring idea will bring out the rocker in you. Grab your jean short shorts, even cut away an old pair of your own jeans. Add a hip-length black top or t-shirt and put a black leather jacket on top. Finish the rock chick look with knee-high zip boots. You can put the Burberry Scarf around your neck, or even wear it as a bandana. 


Believe us, we have only started scratching the surface of the fashion looks you can create with a Burberry Scarf. Many people make the mistake of thinking the unique patterns of Burberry make it hard to mix and match with clothes. That’s simply not true and in fact, a Burberry Scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can have in your wardrobe.