Today we’re going to learn how to REALLY drink “responsibly”.  Whether you’re partaking in a zoom happy hour with your co-workers or a night of DIY artisanal cocktails with your quarantine bae, there is a healthier way to consume the devil’s poison! By drinking Magic Bullet, you can enjoy yourself and remain productive the next day, naturally–making sure you get the nutrition that your body needs. You will wake up feeling great with no regrets–or at least none in which you can feel physically – we can’t help you from calling your ex at 2 am….

Magic Bullet is an 8.4 oz nutritional recovery drink, made for people who want (and need) to get things done. By incorporating this all-natural, caffeine-free, and blood-orange flavored drink into your fun, you will feel clear, energized, and recharged! Just drink a can, either before you start drinking alcoholic beverages, or at the end of the night. If your fun gets turned up a notch, simply have a second can before you turn in and wake up refreshed the next morning

 Magic Bullet also works great as a tasty cocktail mixer! Not sure what alcohol to mix it with? No problem, from click HERE to see a curated list of fun Magic Bullet cocktail recipes for tequila, rum, vodka, whiskey, and more! Put your friends up on the game and introduce them to something new and healthy that actually tastes good! Your peers and your liver will thank you in the morning. To learn more about the benefits of Magic Bullet please visit,