A previous emergency medicine professional, Jamila Sozadah is now the CEO of one of the most revolutionary health and wellness companies around. Her companies have taken LA by storm, and much thanks to Sozadah’s entrepreneurial dedication.  We got a chance to speak with Sozadah to ask her about her inspiration for her businesses, her passion for health care, and more.

Q: You have been involved with a few start ups in the IV health industry. What has been the biggest challenge thus far?

A: The biggest challenge for me was trying to set aside my natural tendency to do everything myself. I generally like to work and get things accomplished, but when you start to scale a company, you have to build trust in others to let them do the great work they do. Letting go is really hard sometimes, but we’ve been fortunate to find some great people in our organization, and watching them flourish has been really rewarding. In the early days, it was really personally challenging to let go. I still try to balance that on a daily basis.

Q: What makes the IV therapy different than other treatments?

A: It’s really all about the investment in yourself and making this part of your lifestyle. Similar to going to the gym for our physical health on a consistent basis, IV vitamin therapy can be adopted as part of an individual’s lifestyle regiment. These therapies work down to a cellular level allowing for 100 % absorption of the vitamin unlike any other delivery method of vitamin ingestion. IV Vitamin therapy allows us to help people that are in all forms of health, so it’s there for individuals that would otherwise go to urgent care, but also for people who want to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to their health. The potency of vitamins delivered through IV is miraculous. I’ve watched countless patients in the ER literally come back to life from treatments, and I’ve watched the healthiest people move on to live even better lives with similar treatments. It’s really gratifying to watch our clients take control of their own health.

Q: What makes you so passionate about running your business?

A: At heart, I’m a service oriented individual. The fact that we’re at the forefront of anti-aging and self-care is really what keeps me going. Seeing notes and listening to testimonials from patients saying that we’ve changed their lives makes me want to invest further in the business every day. Whether it’s bringing somebody back from an illness or making somebody look 20 years younger. When people invest in themselves and trust me to do that for them, I’m eternally grateful.

Q: Who do you look towards for inspiration in your entrepreneurial endeavors?

A: I’ve tried to look around at all the successful entrepreneurs who have shifted from their original success. I was having a great career in the ER but had a passion for doing something on my own. Seeing actors or musicians that have set aside their careers to invest in a business that scales really inspires me. It helps me realize that I can do anything that I set my mind towards, and hearing stories of other like-minded individuals help you get through some of the tough transitions.

Q: What is your favorite part about running this business?

A: That’s a tough call between my clients and my staff, but it’s people one way or the other. Everybody that we’ve been fortunate enough to hire comes with the same service level mindset. They’re all out to help the clients that walk through the door. We have so many repeat clients that a lot have become like family. I’ve been able to see their transformations over the years, and my staff has been there the whole time. It’s really rewarding.

Q: What is something you wish you knew when you set out to start in this industry?

A: Something that I wish I knew when I first started out is that I needed to continue to take care of myself while I take care of the business. There’s no shortage of work and the hours invested in the day. In order to provide the best service for our clients, I need to make sure I carve out time for myself- creating that work-life balance. If you get too lost in the work, you sometimes forget why you’re there. When starting a business you feel like you need to work non-stop, but without the recharge to your own system, the overall progress starts to slow down. It took me a few years to figure that part out.

Q: Your businesses have gained a lot of success and growth over the past few years. What do you hope for in the future of your businesses as you continue to expand?

A: We hope to build a nationwide brand of self-care and personal investment. We started with just IVs and have expanded to so many different services that include anti-aging, non-invasive natural cosmetic services, stem cell therapy, and sexual wellness. We truly believe that we have an innovative suite of products that can change people’s lives for the better, so we’ll look to move outside California in the next year and deliver nationwide service. Every IV clinic will have its own feel of the city you’re in, but if you travel between locations, you’ll still know you’re in our clinic because of the brand and level of service.

For more information on Jamila Sozadah please visit: http://jamilasozahdah.com

Written by Sam Spotswood