That’s right folks. You read that correctly.

Former Heavyweight Champion and world wide wrestling sensation Paul Donald Wight II, or otherwise known as ‘The Big Show’ has just released his brand new sitcom on Netflix, the Big Show show.

The show focuses on The Big Show as he wrestles with perhaps his greatest challenge yet: raising three daughters whilst maintaining a happy and healthy marriage in Tampa, Florida.

For those who are unaware of the Big Show and his outstanding talents–he made a name for himself in the wrestling industry by first signing with World Champion Wrestling (WCW), and later transitioning to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE). It was here that he became a world champion, and known for his large size and ability to dominate in the ring. 

The show by no means features the Big Show leaping from corner to corner in a large wrestling ring, but what it does feature is his smile–and a great one at that. 

If you’re interested in seeing The Big Show braid his daughter’s hair and reminiscing about doing the same to Mick Foley; or perhaps even attending his daughter’s Career Day, then make sure to tune in and check out Netflix’s the Big Show show.

You’re going to love it!

Photo: Netflix

By Matt Koger