Fitish offers a variety of products to help soothe your skin and hair, workout gear, and even something for your pet! Using CBD in their products, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory benefits which is combined with cleansing botanical extracts blended to nourish your skin. As they put it, “Fitish aims to help you create a calming self-care routine within your active lifestyle, naturally and effectively.” On top of it, the style is great!

Your body sometimes needs to hydrate more, be soothed. Your under eyes need to be smoothed out. Your lips get cracked and need help. Whatever it is, you are bound to find the fitting product art Fitish. They even have some for your pet! Here at BELLO, we love to see what new products come out and Fitish offers some you won’t want to miss out on.

Below are some of their top sellers and our top favorites. The Facial Mist, the Eye Serum, the Hair Plumping Serum, and the Cooling Body Cream.