Designers Keepers was created when Becky Bradshaw came upon half a vintage designer suitcase and knew she had to make something of it. Finding the perfect size tray and having glass cut to make the first ever Designers Keepers tray, her brand started in March of 2020.

“I posted it on Instagram and instantly knew I could make something of this with the feedback I received,” opened up designer, Becky. “People said they have never seen something like this before and that they wanted them.”


The designer started to think of what else she could repurpose and so she started with designer shopping bags. People always have them in their closets, so why not remake them into something that can be used and admired every day. At the time, she was working as a Fashion Design Assistant and doing this as a side business all throughout quarantine. As many, she had a salary reduction due to the pandemic, so this really helped financially and to have something else to focus on besides what was happening in the world.

Today, Designers Keepers is a small business that takes upcycled designer fabric and shopping bags to create one-of-a-kind decor. They repurpose designer goods sitting in the back of a closet, and turn them into something unique and special. All trays are handmade in Miami by myself, Becky. Here at BELLO, we are obsessed with this and are excited to see what new designs come out of the collections!

Disclaimer: Designers Keepers is not affiliated in any way with designer brands, whose secondhand products appear on our website. We simply repurpose vintage, pre-owned shopping bags to give a new life to these items.