Christian French was hopping from couch to couch until he finally made it. Having a strong and supportive team in Los Angeles, he took a leap of faith…and it paid off. With consistent music set to come out in the next couple of months, Christian French wows his audience and aims to spread “love, hope, and positivity.” He recently released “i think too much” which will warm your hearts and get your head bobbing from side to side! Stay tuned with the handsome and talented Christian French.

As you were moving from one couch to the next, what pushed you to never give up?

Honestly during this time, I was so inspired to just be out in Los Angeles and working that I didn’t care at all that I was sleeping on couches. To me it was sort of a ‘right of passage’ into the music industry, so I was happy to do it. I was staying with my managers who were my best friends, and it was a really healthy, inspiring environment to be in.

Was there someone or something that stood by your side during these time?

I found a really great team out in LA and we keep each other grounded for sure. It’s really awesome that we all work together on my project, but even better that we’re all best friends, too. We hold each other accountable and are there when one of us Isn’t feeling great.

Share with us a story that impacted you when coming to Los Angeles.

My first trip to Los Angeles was something I’ll never forget. I had only worked in makeshift closet studios before this, but I got to have my first real studio session out there with (who is now my right hand man) Dru Decaro. Together with this first session we made ‘love ride’, and it came together so organically and felt so good. I remember sitting and listening to the finished product and my palms started sweating it was so good.. so Dru and I now call our best records the “palm sweaters”.

What was it like going on tour? What did you learn?

I’ve learned so much these first 4 tours I’ve been on. When I was opening for Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII, I would just sit and take mental notes on their sets every night so I could make mine better, and through a lot of practice, I’m proud to say that I’m a lot more comfortable in my own skin on stage now. At first I was so nervous and would second-guess everything I did on stage, but now I think performing is so freeing and fun. Every tour I learn a little bit more about myself and I’m always so grateful for the growth.

What would you say is your purpose as an artist?

To spread love, hope and positivity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t really like using the “5 year” thing because in reality there is so much that is always changing that there’s no real way of knowing what’s gonna be going on in 5 years. To me, as long as you’re focusing on today and you’re doing your very best working towards a goal, you’re going to end up where you want to be.

During quarantine, have you discovered anything new about yourself?

I’ve gotten to spend more time with myself this quarantine than I’ve gotten in the past 5-6 years. I share a room out in LA and live with 5 dudes, so it’s tough to find personal time. I’ve really learned how much clearer my mind is when I have the silence and space to work, and I’m realizing how much focus and dedication it takes to write something that you’re truly proud of. You REALLY have to dive into how you’re feeling, and I’m happy i’m getting to do that

What has been your favorite pass-time activity?

I’ve been loving reading a lot. To me, reading is one of the most productive “relaxing” things you can do. I feel like iIve learned so much valuable information from books that I’ve read and whenever I’m anxious, I try to read because it takes my mind off of my thoughts and focuses them on the story of the book.

What can fans expect in the next couple of months?

Consistent music coming out into the summer ~ I’ve released 3 songs from my next EP “good things take time” and am hoping to get a new one out every month until the EP in June.

No one knows really anything about when live shows will be a thing again, so I can’t say anything on that, but I will say that I’ve been loving doing Instagram Live’s a lot more, and I’m trying to figure out a good way to engage from my phone so I can still hang out with my fans during this time.

By Alexandra Bonnet
Photos by Mickey Mars

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