Let’s face it, we all wear shoes cause we have to but for those of you who LOVE shoes (such as myself), FREE LANCE has the most amazing collection. Whatever type of “shoe person” you are… they have it. Boots, heels, sneakers, and more, you are bound to find a new look with their SS20 Collection.
To all you shoe lovers out there: let the shopping begin!


FREE LANCE was established over a century ago in La Gaubretière (Vendée region of France), far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

The original cobbler’s stall founded in 1870 has since evolved into a beautiful factory. This is one of the few remaining establishments in France with the exclusive know- how of the old artisan shoemakers.

Go behind the scenes at FREE LANCE and you’ll discover just how complex and exciting life can be as a shoemaker.

The 150 steps in the manufacturing process require real expertise that continues to be used every day by the company. Each pair, each upper, each sole and each heel will be worked on by the nimble, talented hands of around ten men and women passionate about their craft.

Above all, shoes are about a vision, a style and a pair of hands:

  • A vision which cuts across fashions and breaks the mould.
    • A different and unique style which plays with the boundaries yet never crosses the line.
    • Hands that caress, select, sculpt, cut, stitch, assemble, brush and apply finishing touches. Collections come in exclusive materials, tangy colors, heels of all heights, colored soles with stitching, studs, embroidery or anything else our imaginative designers can come up with.