Today, singer/songwriter Blessing releases her debut EP the girl next door. Listen HERE. The EP features previously released tracks “character”“boys like you” which was included in Teen Vogue’s “New Music Friday” playlist upon release and “girl like me” along with new tracks “freak”, “rage” and “19 and peaked”.

Lyrically rich and sonically lush, the girl next door and its six songs are anchored by Blessing’s singular voice, a textured and emotional instrument than can swing as boundless and heartfelt as it can charmingly self-effacing and witty. A byproduct of Blessing spending her senior year of high school at home during a global pandemic, these songs pull from personal experiences and self-reflection as she was closing out her teenage years alone in her bedroom.

Speaking on the girl next door, Blessing shares, “Each of these songs are really the things I never bothered saying being that I felt no one was listening. That truly gave me the advantage to writing everything I was feeling at the time. I just thought well since no one is ever going to hear these I might as well say it all, regardless of how desperate, embarrassing, or unpleasant my words may be.”

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About Blessing:

Hailing from Houston, TX, 20-year-old Blessing is the youngest of five siblings and through most of her life, she never felt like she fit in and eventually fell in love with the freedom you have in creating music, especially songwriting. With a sound that’s been called “irresistible” by American Songwriter, Blessing sets out to craft pop music with underlying R&B influences that dive into love, ambition, obstacles, and heartbreak – songs that map the innocent, messy, volatile growing pains of a teenager. Having just spent her senior year in high school at home during a global pandemic, Blessing draws inspiration from personal experiences and weaves her candid emotions and witty observations into catchy songs that teenagers and young adults can relate to.

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