Njord by Bergman Design House, the superyacht interior architecture and design studio co-founded by Marie Soliman, Albin Berglund and Sarah Colbon, is delighted to unveil the interior design for new superyacht, Aeolus.

The Njord team has collaborated with Oceanco, technical partners ABB & MTU, Lateral Naval Architects, and exterior designer Giles Taylor – renowned for his work designing the iconic Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom supercars – on the project, which forms part of the Oceanco NXT initiative. Oceanco NXT is a collaborative commitment to the future that has the potential to become one of the most impactful game-changers in yachting. When Superyacht owners see the Oceanco NXT endorsement on a yacht’s design or other innovation, they know they can expect elevated standards of life onboard that are in tune with new perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle.

Unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show this month, Aeolus heralds a new era for dwellings on water, demonstrating that the future of yachting can be authentically sustainable without compromising on style and beauty, both in terms of technical capability as well as in the materials used onboard.

The Design
Taking her name from the Greek god of wind, Aeolus is intended to have a transformational impact on all who board. A floating sanctuary effortlessly sculpted by the wind via the creative vision of exterior architect Giles Taylor, her interior design has depth and is perfectly balanced, seamlessly transitioning between destinations and modes of living. At the heart of her design is a reference to the J Class sailing yachts of the last century, reflecting the absolute harmony between the ocean and wind power and providing an unrivaled water-borne experience.

“From the very beginning of the design process, we wanted Aeolus to feel like a destination within the journey”, said Njord co-founder Marie Soliman. “It’s so much more than simply a yacht… It’s your very own floating home, your wellness sanctuary, and a place where you can enjoy true quality time with your friends and family.”

Fully sustainable materials, including biomaterials, are at the core of the design, which celebrates organic nature, sensuality, and playfulness. Working in harmony with the feminine curves of the yacht’s exterior, Njord have created a sumptuous inner sanctuary that feels soft and cocooning, with an unmistakable bold, masculine energy. Pod-like formations lead seamlessly to the owner’s inner sanctum, where one can enjoy the most arresting views on board.

“The moment we saw Giles Taylor’s exterior design, we fell in love with the very feminine curves, and the very masculine presence of the yacht and we knew we wanted the interiors to reflect that,” added Njord co-founder Albin Berglund. “Through a perfect fusion of warm and inviting palettes, luxurious textures and one-of-a-kind furnishings with non-geometric shapes and spaces, we have looked to blend the boundaries of our clients’ lifestyles ashore and on the water, creating a home that is shaped by the natural elements.”

Every element has been rigorously considered, including the sourcing and traceability of materials, while Njord has worked with some of the world’s most innovative artisans in biomaterials and sustainable development such as Desserto, a premium vegan leather alternative that is made from climate-positive cactus plants and Oliveri Homes, which exclusively works with Global Organic Textile Standard cottons and uses non-toxic processes and dyes to create its materials.

“When designing the concept for Aeolus, we drew from our extensive in-house research capabilities, allowing us to source and develop a range of sustainable alternatives to the traditional materials used onboard a yacht,” commented Njord co-founder Sarah Colbon. “We selected and developed these luxurious and hard-wearing products using biomaterials that offer cruelty-free production, are typically biodegradable and store CO2 during their useful lifetime – thereby lowering the embodied carbon footprint of the interiors. This is the now not the future and we must offer these alternatives to our clients and shipyards as we work alongside our industry colleagues and partners to push the goals for net zero, building and maintaining this incredible superyacht industry”.

A Design Partnership
Njord will collaborate with Giles Taylor on the design for Aeolus, with Giles overseeing the exterior architecture. Giles Taylor is known as the creative who took Rolls-Royce in a new direction with his designs for the Phantom, Cullinan and Ghost. For project Aeolus, he is seeking to shift preconceptions of what constitutes a superyacht, reflecting how the emerging generation of global citizen clients relaxes, connects and works onboard, creating a seamless fusion of life ashore and on the water. The instantly iconic design appears to be sculpted by the wind, not a machine, and set in motion by nature, not engines; it conveys a feeling of natural poise and beauty, particularly with respect to its floating decks.


Length: 131m/430ft
Beam: 18/59ft
Gross tonnage: 6200
Exterior design: Giles Taylor
Interior design: Njord by Bergman Design House
Naval architecture: Oceanco & Lateral
Power solutions: MTU
Sustainable technology: ABB