This month, because the Zodiac asked us to, we’ve put together some astrologically themed gifts for those family and friends who know a little too much about the stars’ alignment and which signs they get along with best. We’ve consulted every chart, every star and even bugged our parents to figure out when and where we were exactly born to get the most out of these gifts and be blessed during retrograde and we hope you receive the same!

Birthdate Candles
We all know everybody loves candles! Even if you don’t think you are, you haven’t been exposed to the candle made just for YOU! Birthdate Candles have created a total of 365 candles with astrological information packaged for everyone. These candles, inspired by the stars combine astrology, numerology, and tarot to create a completely unique candle for your birth date. Each birth date candle reveals deep secrets of your personality and scent concocted by natural oils matched just for your inner spirit. The personality description found on each candle provides insight and guidance to help you on your path by exposing your strengths and vulnerabilities. Explore the impact of your tarot card, an age-old tradition of wisdom and intuition and celebrate yours or a loved ones’ unique position in the world with a candle inspired by their birthday.

Magic of I. Astrological Planner
For your organized friend who also wants to live in alignment with nature and the cosmos, nothing will come more perfect then a Magic of I Astrological Planner. In essence, Magic of I double as an everyday planner as well as a great knowledgeable insight into signs, what risings and houses mean, how to approach your secret crush based on the Zodiac and what retrograde really means outsides the bounds of a meme. The Magic of I planner is beautifully designed and the craftsmanship behind its vegan leather-bound book is impeccable. Anyone, from beginner to passionate astrologers, can benefit from following the energies of each day. Exposing yourself to daily astrology will get you feeling in tune with the feelings of the moon and the planets. From tarot card readers to organized alphas to newbies when it comes to understanding signs, this planner will be a helpful guide to all, one way or another!

The Night Sky
The Night Sky is exactly what it you may think it is: The Night Sky. The ideal gift in commemorating a special time in someone’s life, The Night Sky maps out the celestial layout of the stars under an exact moment in time. The Night Sky uses a star catalog generated by the Hipparcos space-based telescope to render any date or location at any moment capturing a moment to remember. In charting out your layout of The Night Sky, anyone is able to design their star map using the simple online interface and choose which elements you want to remember, including constellations, grid, and stars. Every map is unique and comes with a time and place signature, and a personal message if you would like. Used to keep a moment in time visibly for all to see, The Night Sky is a truly a unique way to commemorate a birthday, wedding, a memorable first kiss and more.


Our final suggestion on the list, but probably the most used, is none other than a classic Sonix Phone Case. While Sonix does carry other items including notepads, pens, planners, calendars and sunglasses, we are obsessed with their phone cases. Not only do they have a large variety of cute, classy but sassy versions, they can even customize covers for the Greek Life obsessed! But of course, to match this list, we immediately obsessed over the Sonix Zodiac iPhone Case. We know that every phone case company boasts about their drop test but after personally dropping my phone on the first day I tried out the case, I can assure you it is sturdy. Their site states their phone cases feature scratch resistant protective coating with raised shock-absorbent sides for full 360º protection on the screen and camera. And if all this put together is too much for the astrological lover, go for the Cosmic case

By Giovanni Salas