Did you know that you can get money and combine modeling, leisure and personal life? For that, let’s thank the Internet, which made it possible to work from anywhere in the world, and the existence of part-time employment. So if you’ve dreamed of having your own food blog or teaching yoga, the jobs below will allow you to increase your income by doing something that really brings you pleasure. Let’s dive in!

Social media content manager

Social media managers play a vital role in the operations of any modern company. The content manager is responsible for managing the company’s accounts on all social networks, creating posts, attracting the audience, and interacting with subscribers (arranging interactive events or responding to comments). You can’t imagine a better job for those who like to hang out on social media. And since models often have a sense of beauty, social networks will take on a funky look.

Food photographer

Self-respecting restaurants need eye-catching promotional materials on their website, and in this case, beautiful food photos are indispensable. If you have a knack for taking amazing pictures, working as a food photographer can be a great way to make money. Food photographers meet new chefs, photograph them and their food for restaurant brochures, and help food professionals present themselves in the best possible light.

Photo retoucher

Visual content is used in different areas and for different purposes. Spectacular illustrations are used in advertising campaigns, in the field of design and social media. To get great photos is not always enough just to click on the button. Sometimes you need to apply a correction so that the picture can impress the viewer. Models know firsthand the power of a beautiful photo, so you can get a job as a photo retoucher and work part-time with a fashion boutique or makeup brand.

Yoga teacher

A yoga coach helps to discover and improve the physical capabilities of the human body. With the help of special practices and exercises (asanas), they develop the flexibility of clients, help them to relax, get rid of pain, overcome stress and improve well-being.

To work by profession, you need to know the basics of anatomy and physiology, master breathing practices and understand the system of energy channels and flows. But after completing the course, it won’t be hard. The main thing is that you are cut out for yoga.

Brand manager

A good brand manager should take the brand to a whole new level – for example, to convince millions of people that they drink not an ordinary smoothie, but a super-diet drink rich in multivitamins and minerals for successful young people. Being a brand manager in a well-known international corporation is honorable and profitable.

 Beauty editor

Of course, it’s best to be the editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine, but not everyone is as good at it as Anna Wintour. Nevertheless, you can find a position with less responsibility. For example, the position of a beauty editor is the dream of many nowadays. And it’s not even about the salary, but about the fact that writing about jars of creams and perfume bubbles is a real pleasure. Doing it for money is a double pleasure. And every day receiving dozens of these jars from advertisers absolutely free of charge is a powerful life stimulus and antidepressant.

TikTok producer

Producer at TikTok, aka SMM specialist at TikTok, is always up to date with the trends of the entertainment social network. They’re responsible for developing a strategy for promoting brands on TikTok, generating ideas and creating engaging video content. Despite its popularity, TikTok is still a young social network. The algorithms of the platform have not been fully studied, and therefore the probability of getting into the “Recommended” depends on the creativity of the specialist and knowledge of trends.

Stories maker

Back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that the story format would become dominant on social media. In the same year, the New York Public Library began publishing the texts of books… in Instagram stories! Insta-novels were read by more than 300,000 users.

Due to the format’s popularity, a promising field of activity in digital is the creation of stories. A story maker or story editor creates engaging content for profiles. With its help, the specialist generates subscribers and sales and takes care of all the work on stories: their design, photo and video shooting, game creation, selection of fonts, music and filters.

This is not routine mechanical work. Creating stories requires creative thinking to generate interesting, fresh, and viral ideas.

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