During a period of confinement, you try to find ways to continue taking care of your body. So, you drop your bag of chips and move your body! 

To take yoga classes at home… 

Down Dog is a mobile application that will allow you to participate in yoga classes without moving from home.Good news, it’s free until April! You can choose the music, the duration of the class and the application promises to never give the same session twice thanks to its many combinations.  Might as well take advantage of it! 

To motivate you to run… 

Runbeeper allows you to follow a personalized training program after filling out a questionnaire. This program adjusts every week and follows you at each step of your training plan. You get a free one-week trial. Otherwise, you can decide to subscribe for the year at a rate of 3.33 euros per month. The application also shows the duration of your sessions, the distance you’ve covered, the number of calories burned and your route using GPS data provided by your smartphone.

There’s no more reason to stay on the couch all day. Be careful and take care before summer comes!

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: Pinterest